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Clarke CHT172 Automotive Pipe Flaring Kit

Professional pipe flaring kit for automotive and specialist plumbing applications. Suitable for vari..


Clarke CHT189 - 6pce Flat Wood Bit Set

Precision ground for rapid clean drilling of large diameter holes in hard wood soft wood & processed..


Clarke CHT203 16-Pce Tap & Die Set New

Clarke CHT203 16-Pce Tap & Die Set

For automotive and general mechanical workshop use this 16 piece tap and die set made from high qual..


Clarke CHT220 Oil Drain Plug Key Set

With 6 double ended keys offering 12 different size options this kit should make easy work of removi..


Clarke CHT221 Ball Joint Separator

Solid forged steel body with a satin chrome finish and enlarged striking head. 20mm fork span suitab..


Clarke CHT222 Ball Joint Seperator

Impact free ball joint separation and removal with this effective forged steel device suitable for u..


Clarke CHT225 Bearing Separator

Stripping down for overhaul or repair? Here's a simple yet effective way to remove stubborn tight fi..


Clarke CHT240 'Universal'* Hub Puller

Wheel hubs on cars and light vans usually come off easily with this simple removing device suitable ..


Clarke CHT245 Double Drive Oil Filter Wrench

Another way of removing and refiitting oil filters especially when they're difficult to reach. A tou..


Clarke CHT257 Piston Ring Compressor

A strong spring steel envelope which compresses rings in position on the piston enabling the assembl..


Clarke CHT260 Piston Ring Pliers

Specially designed sprung loaded pliers with tapered holding jaws make the job of fitting & removing..


Clarke CHT261 Spark Plug Thread Chaser

Covering the two most common sizes this reamer driven by a spark plug socket will clean & restore th..


Clarke CHT264 3 in 1 Automotive Pipe Bender

For the controlled bending of pipework for brakes and other automotive applications without the risk..


Clarke CHT265 Hand Driven Oil Filter Wrench

Stiff and stubborn oil filters respond to the power of this wrench. With its long drop forged steel ..


Clarke CHT266 Soft Jaw Water Pump Pliers

Although designed essentially for plumbing work these water pump pliers have much wider application...