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Clarke CHT111 6-Pce Mini Plier Set

Ideal for those delicate and awkward jobs this 6 piece mini pliers set covers a huge range of uses. ..


Clarke CHT112 2-Pce Water Pump Plier Set

A standard pair of instantly adjustable water pump pliers 200 mm and 300 mm which can get to grips w..


Clarke CHT116 3-Pce Lock Grip Pliers Set New

Clarke CHT116 3-Pce Lock Grip Pliers Set

Always useful in difficult situations where conventional tools may be unable to provide a strong eno..


Clarke CHT117 Magnetic Weld Clamp Set New

Clarke CHT117 Magnetic Weld Clamp Set

A pair of powerful triangular magnets designed to hold separate pieces of ferrous material in positi..


Clarke CHT118 Tie Rod/Ball Joint Splitter Set

A few sharp hammer blows and it's off! 3 different sized forks make easy work of separating tie rods..


Clarke CHT121 7-Pce Screwdriver Set

A selection of seven popular slotted and cross slotted screwdrivers featuring see through handles wi..


Clarke CHT122 8-Pce Screwdriver Set

A good value for money selection of popular slotted and cross head screwdrivers with satin black han..


Clarke CHT123 Screw Extractor & Wrench Set

Remove broken damaged & stubborn screws the easy way with this 7 piece extractor set suitable for a ..


Clarke CHT124 Crimping Tool Set

For electrical wire terminations & connections on low voltage and mains supplies. 60 assorted termin..


Clarke CHT125 Electrical Terminal Set

A 300 piece comprehensive electrical wire terminal assortment featuring various open end closed end ..


Clarke CHT127 3-Pce Aviation Snip Set

A set of three long nosed shears offering the ease of compound leverage to cut through thin sheet me..


Clarke CHT128 11-Pce Metal File Set

These tough steel files comes in a range of shapes for general engineering & metalwork with both lon..


Clarke CHT152 6" Woodworkers Vice

Clarke 6" vice ideal for wood workers and hobbyists alike. Jaw Width - 150mm Jaw Opening - 152mm ..


Clarke CHT161 4-Piece Mini Pick & Hook Set

Hook pick poke and pull with this versatile 4 tool mini kit useful for so many different jobs under ..


Clarke CHT171 Mechanics Stethoscope

Listening hard but still can't make out where that noise is coming from? Pinpoint the location with ..